An Open Letter to Humans Amid the CoVid-19 Pandemic

Might it be astounding if we all made one simple choice Right Now?

Might we choose, as a vulnerable human race, to keep politics in the polls and hold grace in our souls?

Might you be willing to join me in this? Let’s make a viral move to show this deadly virus who’s boss!

Imagine for just a moment what might happen at this uniquely uncharted point in time if we all choose to set aside politics, agendas, finger pointing, conspiracies, and our own (very real & very different) fears.

What if we choose Right Now to take care of one another and put compassion, love, and service above all else? What if we turn our necessary distance into something even bigger than saving lives?

What if it’s this moment in time that allows us to create a better home for those who come after ourselves?

A very basic truth, irrespective to skin color, class, creed, political party, gender, or age is this: if you are human you will pass beyond this experience we call life. What if our choices Right Now create a vastly brighter future for all who come after ourselves?

One human to another – I implore you – please.please.please choose #RightNow2020 to affect change. A global, undeniable change in the way we treat every single person of this earth.

And go…

#RightNow2020 #CoVid-19 #Coronavirus #changethenarrative

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Humans Amid the CoVid-19 Pandemic

  1. Oh, it’s so funny…I was up with insomnia, and planning to write a blog post about how we are all mortal, and the virus is just reminding us of this uncomfortable fact, so let’s make the most of our lives to love well now, and voilá, you have already written it! 🙂 Great minds…love this post, Kate!

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